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Moo Who?

Have you ever thought about how you could use business cards for more than just handing out at networking events?  Sure, having your name and personal information on a card that you can give to people when meeting them is great, but what if you could get creative with it? We stumbled upon a site, moo.com and it got us thinking!  Why not create inexpensive ‘business cards’ to hand out to customers for a variety of different uses!

Check out these multiple ways to promote your business through mini business cards!

1.       Gaining Online Reviews

When a happy customer is on their way out the door, hand them a mini card that has a short, direct link to your Google+ listing and ask them to spread the word about their positive experience at your shop!  They’re more likely to write that review by having that friendly reminder in their wallet or pocket.  Not only are reviews great for potential customers (in fact, 80% of online shoppers read reviews before visiting a location), but they also help in your local search presence.

2.       Website Promoting

Does your site have an online scheduler? Does your site have an informative blog? Do you have special online coupons? Are you hiring? Can they search your tire inventory? Can your customers sign up to receive your latest coupons? Tell the customer about how you make it easy to be a patron of theirs! Create a mini business card that has your website address and then all the offerings they can get just visiting you online.

3.       Social Media Promoting

Do you want more customers to interact with you on your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google+?  Why not hand them a mini card that includes all the ways in which they can connect with you online!  In this case, it may be good to offer a small incentive- ‘Follow Us’ on Google+ and receive $5 off their next visit.

4.       Internal Feedback

Want a quick way to get internal feedback on a customer’s recent experience at your shop?  Give them a mini card that has 5 quick survey questions that allows them to circle their experience on a scale from 1-5.  Don’t forget to have a space for them to write their email address.  We want to be able to get a hold of them later to say ‘thanks for the feedback, tell the world why you love us by writing a review on Google+’!

5.       Say Thank You

When your loyal customer sends a friend or family into your shop because you take such good care of them, say ‘thanks’!  Create a mini card that not only says thanks, but also rewards them for spreading the love!  And heck, if word gets out that you’re doing something in return, the love would spread that much more.  Consider donating 5 cans of food to the local soup kitchen whenever a current customer brings in a new one.

If any of these ideas stand out to you, contact your account manager!  We’d love to get you started.




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