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‘Mobilegeddon’ is ALMOST Here!

‘Mobilegeddon’ is ALMOST Here!

On Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 Google is rolling out a new mobile friendly algorithm, titled in the industry as ‘Mobilegeddon’!  To our knowledge, this is the first time Google has released an actual date for an algorithm upgrade.  Now that we know the roll-out date, what does that mean for websites?

  • The roll out will being on April 21st and will take a bit of time to complete
  • Your site is either mobile friendly or it’s not – no in-between
  • The rollout will be on a page-by-page and real-time basis
    • Page-by-page basis is an important note for sites that don’t have a 100% mobile-friendly site. Meaning, if the site has 10 pages but only 5 of them are mobile-friendly, only the pages that are mobile-friendly will benefit. (SearchEngineLand.com)
    • Although Google has not clarified what ‘real time’ actually means, we can guess that it’s whenever Google crawls or indexes the page

Now what happens if a site isn’t mobile friendly?  Here are some issues that companies could face in the future:

  • Decrease in search engine rankings
  • Faulty redirects
  • Higher bounce rates
  • There will be no indication if the site is mobile friendly on search results pages before the meta description.

For specific questions, be sure to contact your account manager!  We look forward to seeing how this roll-out affects your competitors (in our favor).

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