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Making Connections: Google+ Business Page Now Connects to Google Maps Listing

As of early June, Google has enabled businesses with a Google+ page to connect to their local business listing on Google Maps.

By connecting these two pages it will provide a more streamlined editing process as well as an easily accessible dashboard for any listing manager. “It finally solves most of the issues that have haunted local since 2011,” according to Google expert, Mike Blumenthal.

Why is this significant? If you have managed a Google business page then you will understand! Google’s innovation can be praised and followed similar to a tech focused religion in that their forward thinking algorithm both frustrates and inspires the online industry. Their dashboard for Google + and My Places for Business will leave a person with nightmares from the disconnection between both entities and a confusing optimization process. Google+ has gained much criticism, had their primary developer fired this year and often being compared to Facebook, has been reviewed as irrelevant socially but vital to SEO efforts. While this new, My Business rollout still leaves room for improvement, it is a step in the right direction for a user friendly experience in updating listings as well as staying connected socially.

Google provides in depth directions here to connect your Google+ Business Page and Local Business.

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