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Major Tire Industry Issues Persistent Today

As with any business, for-profit or non-profit, issues will arise and it is the responsibility of the business or industry to address them. However, it is important to remember that some of these issues may be out of the business/industry’s control. 

Dan Marincucci is a reporter for tirebusiness.com and has been reporting on the tire industry since 1976. According to Mr. Marincucci, there are four tire industry issues that are still prevalent even after four decades. You may already be aware of them but we’d like to lay them out and provide you with tips to overcome them. 

Attracting Labor

Largely due to the industry’s inability to raise wages and a poor rep, taking on the role of a vehicle technician is not the most desired occupation. A good way to combat this issue is to create a work environment that is attractive to potential technicians. You can do this by instilling internal incentives, having a clean shop, ensuring great management, and more. Be creative about it!  

Improving Quality of Vocational Education

Now that you’ve started attracting new technicians, it’s time to make sure they’re qualified or at least have the ability to learn quickly yet accurately. Cars are continually changing as new models are released every year. Certain parts and functions of a car are no longer in use which makes certain repairs very rare. It is up to you to develop a type of apprenticeship that is both beneficial to your new technician and your shop’s needs. 

Retaining Technicians

A lot of younger technicians get a taste of auto repair and leave after a few years. If this is the case, the time and resources you put into training the technician is wasted. You want the same technicians in your shop for as long as possible. A way to retain your current staff is to pay them a competitive wage with an opportunity to grow. Creating a safe, conducive work environment is always a great idea too. Also, don’t neglect to see the importance of good management practices that instill worker loyalty. Make them want to stay!

Boosting Industry’s Image

Your shop would not be in existence if it wasn’t for your customers. That being said, it is your job to “diagnose and repair each job correctly the first time”. There is little tolerance for bad pricing and/or an incomplete job. Competition is a lot steeper than it was forty years ago so customers will find someone else to do the job. Stay on top of your shop’s image to improve the entire auto service industry’s image – don’t give us a bad rep! 

These ongoing issues are not entirely up to you to fix completely. However, don’t underestimate your contribution to mitigating these issues or worsening them. Although Upright would love to assist you with all these issues, many of them are out of our hands. Do contact us about boosting your industry’s image though! We have all the resources you need to present your business’ best side to potential and existing customers on a digital platform. 

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