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Location, Density and Local Search Rankings

If you’ve done everything right with SEO yet you’re still looking for more, you may be wondering what else you can do. Unfortunately, not all factors are in your control and that includes business location and local population density. If this is something you’ve thought about, continue reading to see how the population density affects search results and what you can change up for even better results.

How Does Population Density Affect SERP (search engine ranking position)?

Several factors go into local searches, but these are the biggins’:

  • Relevance – how well your business matches a search, which is based on keywords
  • Proximity – how far away your business is from the searcher’s location
  • Prominence – how well-known a business appears to search engines based on data from directories, rankings, or links

Search results can change within a city, a neighborhood, or even in a small office space! Results will vary from computer to computer no matter the location. A user will even get different searches if they connect directly to wifi when searching from a mobile device.

If you have few competitors in your community, you will benefit from the lack of competition with prominent placement in search. On the flipside, if you are one of many service providers in a neighborhood, you may see a drop in SERPs if you lack prominence or relevance. If this is the case, it may take your website even longer to hit that sweet spot.

While it can seem like much is out of your control, there are ways to boost your placement in SERPs by:

  • Blogging opportunities
  • Consistent management of Google My Business listings
  • Review monitoring and responding
  • Social media management
  • The list goes on…

… Basically doing a darn great job at building your presence online.

If you aren’t seeing the traffic boost you crave from your SEO, maybe it’s time to partner with us! Or, maybe you already do and you’ve got a couple questions, just hit us up. We’re here.

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