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#Insta -What?

Instagram tips for the Newbie User

Another new social media app!? What is this, TweetBook+?! No, this platform is called Instagram and it is actually not that brand spankin’ new since it has been around since 2010. However, it is new to certain industries promoting their products and services in a creatively illustrated timeline. Instagram is great for the person who likes to take photos, edit them with the cool filters provided within the app. The best part is sharing your photos with other networks while networking with other business, friends, family, and brands that you would like to keep updated on.

instagram chart


What’s so great about Instagram, anyways?

You can only upload a photo from a phone or mobile device as they do not allow a way to do this from a desktop. There are ways around that like emailing yourself the photo, saving to your mobile and then posting. There is also an option for privacy where you have to accept new followers before they can view your content.

Like Facebook, there is a feed comprised of whomever you choose and can be anyone from friends and family to brands. The feed is in real time as well as has no filter so you see everyone you follow in order of when they post.

What’s the trick to creating my brand on Instagram?

If you are not a “moment capture” kind of person then this app is probably not for you. To start, you will need to download the App onto your phone or tablet. Then create a name (brand name, personal name, faux or pseudo name) and a bio. Usually linking your website in the bio is the smartest idea along with a short line about what your company/you stand for. You are able to then search hashtags for topics you like such as #cars or search out brands such as Goodyear or Bridgestone.

When adding the new photo you’ve edited you can then add a witty title or caption. This is where a hashtag will come into play! I personally love to search a hashtag I am interested in, such as puppies and see the photos and users that come up. You can click on the picture, check out that users profile and start to follow them for brand inspiration or just personal interest.

And if you connect your Instagram with your Facebook you will automatically follow your already established friends list from Facebook that are on Instagram.

That is the long and short of Instagram! Watch for our next blog on how to gain followers, create eye catching photos and best practices on when to post!

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