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Inside Scoop on Social Media Material

Remember the post, Social Media – Have Fun with It? We covered the basics of social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We learned that it is important to follow the 80/20 rule, 80 percent of the content is fun and not directly related to the company and 20% is directly related to the company. The key to fulfilling the 80% part is finding material that is relatable. Personally, I take the funny approach, because we ALL love a good laugh!

How do we find the funny stuff? It is all about being ‘on call’ all the time. You see something funny that relates to your industry, snap a picture! The automotive industry can be a tough industry. You don’t want to offend anyone and what you may find to be funny, someone else may not. The tire gals and I utilize many sources for discovering material such as WordPress, Google, Mashable or Twitter. However, our main source is our good friend, Pinterest.

That’s right, Pinterest. You see, we use Pinterest in a very unique way. Each account manager has their own pin board. If we see something funny on the web, we pin it. This is our way of storing our material and keeping track of what we have used. Pinterest also has a savvy search engine algorithmSearching, ‘funny car jokes,’ the returns will make you chuckle.

Another advantage we have with Pinterest is the opportunity to give users an inside view of each account manager. Colleen, Sarah and I (Jenn) have a different opinions of ‘funny.’ The combination of the three pin boards create a humorous hodgepodge of smiles. In addition to our individual pin boards, we also have a blog pin board to store our blogs (like this one), tires repurposed pin board to share ways or recycling tires, an S.E.O. funny pin board to make light of account managers challenges, marketing success pin board to store used material and an S.E.O quotes pin board to reference for industry motivation.

There you have it. The inside scoop of finding the 80% material for our beloved tire dealers! If you are on Pinterest, be sure to connect with the tire gals!


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