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The Importance of Voice Search in SEO

Voice search has continued to evolve through the years. In fact, it was often referred to as a ‘farfetched science fiction’ idea but as of now, voice search is commonplace and the user base is growing fast.

Google has indicated that voice search is the fastest growing form of search as of late & we need to get on board. And that means, creating content for SEO with a major focus on voice search. By March, 2016, 55% of teens and 41% of adults were already using voice search.

Every single day we’re looking for new ways to boost traffic to your website & it’s the time to leverage voice search. It not only helps improve rankings in Google search results, but it also improves the user experience. User experience being the most important factor in all of this. Voice searchers need the answers faster! This reduces negative signals like high bounce rates and encourages more contacts through your website.

What strategies do we need adapt to better benefit from voice search? 

Long Tail Keywords

People don’t use voice search in the same way they type. Typically when users type, it’s shorter and straight to the point. With voice search, you’re seeing actual phrases and sentences. They are asking more direct queries to get more relevant answers

Focus Content on FAQ’s – in the works

Your content should be answering the ‘why’, ‘who’, ‘what’, and ‘how’! FAQ’s should be conversational in nature & answer these questions directly.

Do Your Research – in the works

We already know your target audience, but we need to research what it is that they’re asking! Consider services like Answer the Public for better consumer insight!

Develop Content in an Informal Tone

As you know, voice search is used very differently than text search. When developing new content we need to consider how people generally speak, to develop content to match the users’ tone.

Try It Out Yourself

The best way to understand something is by doing! Play around with voice search to see how your competition is ranking. We can also learn a thing or two about long-tail keyword opportunities by doing this.

If you have questions regarding the trending voice search topic, let us know! We’re happy to help address any of your concerns. We are working diligently on your website to help it better succeed in voice search & SEO!

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