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The Importance of Videos For Your Business

As we had mentioned in our newsletter awhile back, 2017 is the year of the video! Videos not only provide necessary information to the user in an easy to understand format, but they also help better support the website! The goal of a video rollout for our dealer network is to one, get more information out to the customer (through the website, social media & YouTube), but two, get SEO ‘credit’! The more SEO credit the better & I bet most all of you are seeing an improvement on your website in one way or another… whether it’s more site visits, better rankings or an improvement in Google+ analytics. New and optimized videos help with all of this.

If you’re not totally convinced why your business should be creating videos & posting them to YouTube, we have a few arguments to point out:

  • Not everyone enjoys a ‘good read’ these days! With a short video, you’re attracting audience members who are more receptive to information through a media outlet.
  • We are relying more and more on our phones for local search. Videos can be watched on a variety of platforms, allowing your business to be seen more often.
  • Videos can be easily shared on social media which allows for a great opportunity for more viewership.
  • Videos help to humanize your company! It shows your potential customers there are actual people behind the brand.
  • Google stresses the importance of videos in their 2017 search engine marketing ‘profile’. They are wanting businesses to utilize their YouTube product & create helpful information for the customer!
  • Videos now show up alongside searches in Google organic search so you have an even better opportunity to be seen by your potential customers.
  • Optimized videos help support one or more of your keywords – so for instance, we just created a video on ‘supporting your local businesses’… many folks try to support their local tire shops & we want to say ‘thank you’ to those people. We want to reach them and encourage them to give us a call.

Contact Upright Tire to better market your business! Have an idea for our next video? Let us know!

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