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The Importance of Tire Treadwear

When making a decision on the type of tire you need for your car, it typically comes down to price, availability and treadwear, according to Consumer Reports.  In fact, most people would prefer all the above.  Being able to find low priced tires is often easy, but gauging treadwear isn’t so simple. User reviews, chatter in the streets, experience with a tire brand before & manufacture claims all play into the decision.  But how do the tires really rate!? And who can you really trust? Consumer Reports did some tests for us to see how tires actually perform. They tested two tires per model over 6 months of driving 16,000 miles on public roads in West Texas (sounds painful but they took one for the team!).

Based on their testing, they found that MOST tires live up to their mileage warranty claims.  Three Michelin models met or exceeded their treadwear claim.  The longest wearing was the Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus, which could last about 100,000 miles. There were also several models that fell short of their treadwear claim that included major brands such as Bridgestone, Sumitomo, Kumho & Firestone. However, Consumer Reports did say that they still had VERY good tread life despite some overoptimistic mileage claims.

If you’re in need of some mileage support when selling a tire to your customer, just refer to this article and Consumer Reports.  It’s also interesting to know that price, availability and treadwear are the 3 things that people look for the most when buying a new set of tires. Use that to your advantage – maybe even use an acronym like PAT to help your buyer understand the importance of all 3.

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