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Humming What?


Our teammates over at Upright headquarters in Cincinnati provided a blog post briefing on the new changes to Google. Thanks to Greg Barlow for a clear and concise understanding of Google’s new update, Hummingbird. Upright Tire folks, we bring you the latest and greatest updates that will impact how we implement and track your website progress.

On September 26th, Google launched a new algorithm called, Hummingbird.  The first overhaul of the search engine since roughly 2001 was quietly retooled and gradually rolled out in the past month without the company disclosing any modifications. The name came from the new formula being “precise and fast,” and has changed the game a bit for the SEO profession.

In short, Google is trying to read our minds. What do we mean? Prior algorithms matched the page content with keywords searched to index pages. Hummingbirds’ mission is to anticipate the intent of the search before presenting the results. The example Greg Barlow used was for the keyword “electric motors.” When the keyword is searched, there will no longer be a list of companies, directories or distributors but instead you might also get results for model planes or remote control cars.

One of the great aspects of the Hummingbird debut is that Google is actively improving the search method on mobile devices. It is a trend to write a question in Google while performing a search. Google knows this and understands this. Google states in a recent blog post:

“You can pull up your phone and say to Google: “Tell me about Impressionist artists.” You’ll see who the artists are, and you can dive in to learn more about each of them and explore their most famous works.”

Google already established a “personalized search” function in the past, and combined with the new Hummingbird function, it is evident that Google is working towards more of an unique search platform. To the SEO gurus, this is nothing new. What it does mean is that we will have to change the way we think about search terms and keywords. At one time, ranking results were the main aspect for promoting online success and now more than ever, SEO professionals need to take close look at this approach.

What will stay the same and what will be changing? Sites still need to have a search-engine friendly site, accurate, in depth content and a hyperlink versed structure. Keyword research is always important and won’t go out of style any time soon. However, the way we utilize the keywords will be changing as Google is now placing importance on all words in a search not just the specific keywords.  It is important to work parallel with the new Hummingbird function.

As the Hummingbird function develops, Upright Tire will implement all the changes necessary to help our tire dealers sell more tires! One of the missions of Upright Tire is to always stay ahead of the game and we are doing just that!

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