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How You Can Take Control of Your GMB Profile With Photos

This past year has been a great year for local businesses that utilize Google My Business (GMB). Google has released a slew of updates to optimize your GMB listings. A notable update is the update to GMB Photos which gives a business more control over the photos uploaded to their listing. GMB Photos is an amazing way to build up your business’ visual brand by giving customers a look into your company. There are three specific ways you can do this right now!

Create a Photo Gallery/Display

If you view the a GMB listing from the results page of a Google search, you will be given an option to view photos from the business. Upon clicking ‘See photos’, you can sift through a slideshow of the photos that have been uploaded into GMB listing. A great way to utilize this tool is to include pictures of  successful service jobs, your team, and/or photos of your property – both interior and exterior pictures. This will give prospective customers an idea of the quality of your services and a feel of your auto shop.

Choose a Profile Cover Photo

Adding onto your photo gallery, you can select one photo to be its cover photo. This photo should be the best representation of your auto shop. This will be the first picture a customer sees on your listing so choose wisely!

Select a Logo Picture

A business’ logo leaves a big impression on a customer. Business logos create a visual representation for the name of the business they are attached to. Some people even remember a logo over the name of a business. Make sure to include your auto shop’s logo to your listing to ensure that customers build a visual connection to your shop’s name.

Visual branding is a very important component of attracting new customers. Keep your GMB listing as current as possible while new updates continue to be released. Upright Communications would love to help you with this if you need it. Contact us today! 

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