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How You Can Show Proper Social Media Etiquette 

In today’s society, social media can be an intimidating place to participate in. A lot of business owners are worried about how their message could be received and the repercussions of a misunderstood message. People can often get so fixated on not wanting to be misunderstood that they stay out of conversations all together. During this time of racial tensions, there are right and wrong ways to go about addressing our current times in society. Staying out of the conversation altogether may seem like the best possibility to stay neutral, but when you align your values as a business with what potential customers are talking about, there can be gained ground that may not have been available otherwise. When or if you decide to comment on controversial events or topics occurring in your community or in our nation, you have a responsibility to do your research and be an informed digital citizen. 

How to Respond During Racial Tensions

Americus Reed, a marketing professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, told the New York Times that speaking out on social issues is often a calculated decision, a form of “values and identity-driven targeted marketing.” Other companies around the nations have decided to make statements geared towards their values and stance on the current protests transpiring all around the nation. It is important to note that it may not feel natural for you to speak out on social media about political issues, but it may be something that is worth trying. Before engaging in conversations that may be controversial, it is highly recommended to study up and educate yourself on the issue that you would like to address. By understanding the world view that you may have and gaining accurate information, you will be better informed to give a professionally thought out message for your digital community. 

Adjusting to the Trends of Our Culture

From the start of 2020, businesses have been adjusting the way that things are done. The COVID-19 outbreak was the first event that led to businesses discussing unrelated topics to their business with the digital society. Now is the perfect time to begin using social media as a platform to engage with current events happening around the country. It is important to remember to use proper social media etiquette when talking about controversial topics, but just allowing the digital community to know that you are taking a stand to support an event or organization can go a long way in growing your business. 

Social media is going to continue to grow as a way for businesses like yours to connect with their communities. It can feel like a daunting task to create posts without stepping on people’s feet during this time, but marketing experts have seen that engaging yourself in current events in an appropriate manner can increase trust and connections with your digital community. If you have any thoughts or ideas of your own, please feel free to contact Upright Communications and share them with us.

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