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How YOU Can Be Involved!

You’ve invested time and money into creating and helping maintain your website.  We know that everyone is on a budget (money doesn’t in fact grow on trees!) and it’s VERY important to us that you get the most out of your investment.  In addition to what we do on your behalf, there are ways that you and your employees can contribute- driving traffic, increasing visibility and selling more tires, in-store and online.

Check out these four, easy ways that you can assist in the successes of your business!


Updating featured products, services and promotions on a monthly basis will dramatically increase your website’s effectiveness:

You will entice consumers to come back often to see what new products, services and promotions you are offering.   Please refer to your Upright Tire Portal account for specific examples.

By refreshing pages on your site, you will consistently improve your website’s rankings on search engines, making it easier for potential customers to find your website.


Your website should have the same branding as your store.  Your auto shop’s signage and advertising materials most likely include your logo (hopefully website URL), a particular color scheme and perhaps a tagline.  Ensure that you and your account manager have communicated this accurately so you’re easily recognized when users find your website online.

We would be happy to work with you on a new logo, tagline, whatever it is that you need.  Just recently, our account manager Sarah Martisek helped create a radio ad for our customer.  And Jenn Johnson is organizing a “New Logo” contest for another dealer that involves local schools.  We’re here to assist you when it comes to branding and marketing both ONLINE and OFFLINE!

Associations and Community Involvement:

Make sure that your account managers know ALL the associations you belong to, certifications you hold and charities you support.  These small logos on your site and in-store helps establish your brand and instill trust in your current and future customers. Don’t shy away from bragging about your qualifications or your involvement in the community. Never underestimate the value goodwill holds for your customers.

One of our customers is heavily involved in Relay for Life and another one sponsors a local football team.  Providing this type of information to your account manager is very valuable and can be utilized on the website, social media, in-store materials, TV ads, billboards, etc.

Social Media:

Most of our dealers participate in some way on social media.  Upright Tire specializes in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, Pinterest, among other popular social media sites.  Should you be interested in having us build out a program for you on one of those particular channels, just let us know!

Dealers who link and integrate their website with social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter give customers another way to connect. It’s a way to capitalize on inbound marketing, deliberately designed to provide content for customers to engage with your shop when and where they want, and ultimately drive traffic to your website.

Our tip: We think that having “Social Media Only” offers can really drive traffic to your social channels and bring more and more customers into the shop.  Give your account manager a call to discuss what we can do!


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