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How To Retain Loyal Customers

It’s time to talk about the most important facet of business: our customers. Without customers, we’d be out of business. But the business world is changing, and with it, the way we interact with our customers. How do we adapt to an ever-changing business environment? Below are some pointers to use that will keep your customers happy and coming back:

Make Your Customers Feel Special

Every single one of your customers, from extremely loyal to brand new, should be treated the same way. You should make them feel so satisfied with their entire purchase journey that they recommend you to family and friends. Often, we “wine and dine” new customers in an effort to get them to buy, but we don’t pay this same attention to customers that have been around since the beginning.

Ask Your Customers How to Improve

The most important factor of success for your business is your customers…right? So you would think businesses would ask their customers what they want to see…right? Sadly, many businesses do not utilize the knowledge that is right in front of them. As a business, figuring out exactly what you need to do to improve can be hard, but it can be accomplished by sending out surveys or even just chatting with your loyal customers when they come in for something as small as an oil change.

Do What You Say & Say What You Do

Do what you say and say what you do. If you promise a service, follow up and make sure it is completed and the customer is happy. If it is not, take accountability. Apologize to the customer and make things right. It is also important to organize your business well and make sure you are writing your appointments down somewhere. Don’t let things slip through the cracks. Remember, the palest ink is better than the strongest memory.

Hire Qualified Employees & Treat Them Well

Wait…you’re thinking. Isn’t this about my customers, not my employees? Yes, that’s absolutely right. However, the way your employees’ act can have a direct impact on your customer. If you consistently hire employees that are knowledgeable and qualified regarding the job they do, you will see an increase in customer retention. And if you treat them well, they are more likely to treat the customers they serve well. That’s just a simple fact!

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