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How to Keep Your Employees Happy, Without Breaking the Bank

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘happy wife, happy life’ or what I like better ‘happy spouse, happy house’!  Well same goes for your employees.  At Upright Communications, we have a ‘Celebration Committee’ where we celebrate all birthdays with a small gift, enjoy donuts in the office on a regular basis, celebrate outstanding efforts by employees, give wedding gifts, host team building activities, among other things!  We are even sure to be supportive when there is a death in the family by either attending or sending flowers and a card.  Below is a list of way that you can give back to your employees:

  • Recognize major life events, such as birthdays, anniversaries & even employees children’s activities (one of our employee’s daughter is going to Law School and we always ask how she is doing!)
  • Give employees a paid day off on their birthdays (Upright Communications will be implementing this come January, 2015)
  • Offer employees a $100 a year for personal activities – such as classes or cultural events
  • Bring bagels or donuts (check out our favorite donuts by clicking on each employee) to work one Friday a month
  • Offer recruitment bonuses to those who refer potential employees who stay with your company for at least 6 months
  • Give your employees a small dollar amount for every positive review they get on Google+ or Facebook (we have a dealer who does this and they have gained an extensive amount of reviews)

Here are ways in which you can tell if your employees aren’t too happy:

  • Decreased professionalism
  • Calling in ‘sick’ quite often
  • Decreased work production
  • No favors – lack of cooperation

If you are struggling to motivate your employees or are just trying to contribute to the overall happiness of your employees, consider the ideas highlighted in this blog.  According to several studies, happy employees are the secret of a company’s success so try out some of these ideas for the sake of the business!

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