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How To: Gain Social Media Traction in the Automotive World in 12 Essential Steps

I know in our day and age and the industry we service that social media doesn’t look like it can be an earth shattering revolution to gain more customers. However, ignoring the fact that social media is one of the fastest growing ways of communicating is like rejecting the idea that the telephone or the internet won’t take off. It is, it has, and we’re here to help.

If you are someone who has been on the fence about branding themselves on social media then now is the time to begin. This is not for the large branded companies only; a study found by the CEB’s Marketing Leadership Council reported 57 percent of B2B buyers research your company on their own, online before they decide to call or e-mail for more information. This is the number one reason as to why it is important to start your social media today.

1.) Start TODAY- Dive in and don’t be afraid- it will take some time to gain your “social media voice” but you have to begin somewhere.

2.) Have Patience- Social media can become frustrating quickly but do not become overwhelmed! Patience is the key here.

3.) Pick the Social Media Outlet that Fits Your Business- Facebook is a great way to provide your business with a “face.” It can show a visual human side to the company that gives comfort to consumers.

4.) Share Your Knowledge- Post content or helpful information pertaining to your trade, the automotive industry. It will set a consumers mind in motion for that oil change they may have been putting off.

5.) >Don’t Worry about Gaining Responses- Many people find information useful but rarely respond to it. If you do not see engagement, it is okay!

6.) Show Your Personality- By sharing something personal such as a picture from a recent family trip it shows your followers (consumers) there is a person behind the account.

7.) Avoid Sharing Something You Didn’t Read- Make sure that as the owner of the business that you agree with what you are posting and sharing by reading through the article yourself.

8.) Gain Advice From Followers- To engage with your customers it helps to pose a question to them such as, “What is your favorite vehicle you have owned?” You would be surprised with the dialogue that can open and loyal customers it can gain!

9.) Thank Your Consumers- A simple thank you for “liking” a page, sharing a post or recommending your company to their friends can go a long way!

10.) Don’t be Afraid to Connect- It is about building a relationship and if someone you follow posts or something you like such as a local business or a farmers market, make sure to share on your page! Connecting with other businesses can really benefit your own and it is simple and it is FREE!

11.) “Share this”- Encourage friends and family to “share” your business by asking, “share this” in a post.

12.) Remember to Focus on Your Business- If you have a new coupon, add it! If you have a charity you are supporting, talk about it! People want to see that you are engaged and what you share can pertain to them.



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