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How to Define Your Shop’s Brand Strategy

Have you taken a look at your shop’s image lately? Do you stand out? Are your uniforms generic? Are your advertisements similar to your competitors?  All of these items are part of your shop’s brand – it’s your image that that the community sees!

But why does it matter?

As you know, most customers walk into your store upset… their vehicle is having issues yet again and they know it’s going to hurt their wallets!  And just think, the last time they walked into a shop with similar uniforms & similar décor, they may not have been treated with respect.  But remember YOU are different!  You show people respect, you understand budgets and you want to best serve your customers! You stand out from your competitors with how you treat your customers.  However, does your shop look the same as those people you don’t want to be associated with?  This is when it’s time for you to tell your story and set your brand apart from everyone else.

Let’s decide how you’ll tell your story!

Define Your Brand

When you define your brand, you need to pick something that is meaningful to your customers.  Is it your customer service? Does your shop go above and beyond? What is it that you do best? Whatever it is, you need to find something that matters to your shop.  It needs to be something that you can sustain and do each and every time.

When it comes to branding, it’s about setting expectations. Before you start telling your story, you must be able to live up to the promises you’re making.

Image is Everything

When you walk into a store where you may be spending a pretty penny, you have expectations right? You want it to be clean, you want the environment to be friendly & you expect professionalism.  You want your image to be consistent – whether it’s your website, your Facebook page, your marketing emails and even the front of your store.  Make sure that each ‘channel’ is consistent and tells people what you’re about.

Tell Your Shops Story

‘If you identify yourself as the fastest auto repair shop in town, the moment your advertising starts working and cars start filling your bays, you won’t be the fastest anymore. If you try to be the cheapest, somebody will always come along to undercut you.’ (David Rogers) Tell the truth about your shop’s story.  Your brand, your image is built on promises kept, not just good intentions.

When you tell your shop’s story, it relies on good communication.  You want to send the right message to the right people.  Branding allows your customers to know what to expect before even walking through the door.

For assistance on your shop’s branding, give your account manager a call!  We’re here to better help you understand your brand and what type of customers you want to attract.

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