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Hotel Customer Service and Your Business

Many of you have probably had the experience in your life where you stayed at a hotel that had outstanding customer service. They greeted you with a smile on their face, got you checked in quickly and brought you anything you needed during your stay with them – basically just went above and beyond!  What’s most interesting is that hotel customer service doesn’t differ too much from your industry.  You welcome people, get the job done right and fast and then do everything you can to keep their vehicles running properly!

Here are ways to deliver exceptional customer service (your customer’s may even think they’re on vacation):

The Marriott has a golden rule -if employees are within 20 feet of any persons, they should make eye contact and smile. If the customer comes within 10 feet, the employee must give a salutation such as good morning.  In your shop, you can easily turn this into a common practice, if you’re within 10 feet or less of a customer, ask the customer ‘have you been helped’! I’m sure you all to that in your day-to-day, but share this tip with your employees!

At the Ritz Carlton, they empower all of their employees with a predetermined budget they can use for customer satisfaction. You should consider doing the same – Set aside a small budget that your service advisers can use to resolve customer grievances on the spot, and long before you have to get involved.

The Westin hotel chain offers a discount if you visit one of their many locations on your birthday… if you were born in 1968, then you only pay $68 for your second or third night! (that’s new to me) Consider doing this with email marketing. Start gathering your customer’s birthdays and then each year around that time send them an oil change discount. Win, win! They save money and you keep getting repeat customers!

The Wyndham Hotel Group sends you a follow-up email or letter asking you how your experience was throughout the duration of your stay. To make it more manageable, consider getting back in touch with customers who spent a certain amount of money (i.e. $500 or more). They will appreciate your follow-up and will remember how much you cared!

We can all learn how to treat our customers even better from the world’s leading hotels! I took notes too!

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