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Handling a Bad Case of Fake Reviews

We’ve been talking about the importance of business reviews on Google and Facebook for a few years now. Office chatter each day at work always has something to do with reviews in some capacity because it’s just that important for businesses. We’ve done a lot of research and listened to a lot of webinars all on the topic of reviews and it boils down to one thing: reviews are necessary.

We’ve covered topics such as how to respond to reviews, how to gain reviews and a lot of other review centered blog posts. However, we haven’t covered the topic of handling fake or spam reviews. Unfortunately, fake reviews happen and it’s very annoying. Here are a few ways to handle fake reviews:

  1. Joy Hawkins, an SEO wizard known in the realm of SEO, suggests sharing your dilemma on Facebook or Twitter. Her accounts we’re flooded with a few laughs because the reviews we’re clearly just so fake. The plot twist: Joy’s company GAINED three new positive reviews just by sharing her spam reviews. How awesome is that?!
  2. If you’re looking for a more modest approach, ask Google to take a look at the reviews. Google can clearly see that someone is posting negative reviews very often and in different parts of the country. For example: In one week is it realistic for Spammer A to post 1-star reviews to a carpet cleaning business in Orlando, a hair salon in Tucson, and a car dealership in Atlanta? Probably not. Bingo, it’s clearly spam or fake.
  3. Sometimes it is hard for Google to remove a bad review because it may not appear to be fake and it meets the Google review guidelines. It puts Google in a bad spot and they opt to not remove the review. So, now what? Me and you both know it’s fake but that doesn’t mean other people know it’s fake. We resort back to our roots and simply respond to the review. The best method in this case is respond not for the sake of the person who wrote the review but for others seeing and reading the review. Take a graceful approach, let them know their name isn’t in their system and something doesn’t add up. Encourage them to contact you so that you can learn more about what went wrong.

Here is another bit to keep in mind: studies show that a not-so-perfect rating is infact a perfect rating. Viewers become suspicious about perfect 5-star ratings on reviews and prefer a 4.2-4.5 rating. Let’s be serious, a 4.2-4.5 looks 100% more authentic than a perfect 5.0.

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