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Guiding Users to Your Shop

Guiding Users to Your Shop

Most of the time users are searching the internet for answers to their problems. For example, a user may need tires, therefore, they’ll search ‘tires’ with their zip code. From there they’ll see a handful of listings and they’ll visit those sites. They’ll scroll through those sites to determine which company has what they need.

We want users to not only find what they were searching for by landing on your site, but we want users to find MORE than what they were searching for. That is why we created guides for the users. These guides answer many of the popular questions customers have in the tire industry.  Guides such as the Tire Buyer’s Guide, Handy Car Care Manual, Scheduled Maintenance Cheat Sheet, What to do in Case of an Accident and 5 Tips on Making Your Tires Last.


These guides help customers trust in you before even contacting you. Trust is so important to customers and they make the decision on whether or not a business is trustworthy before making an action. Often times, the trust factor is determined by reviews, the site and the information on the site.

Our goal at Upright Communications is to bring users to your site and convey to them that your business has all the answers to their questions. We want to make them feel like a valued customer before they even become a customer.

Upright Tire will be rolling out the new guides in the next few weeks. Bringing our dealers the best resources to dominate their information space. Reach out to Upright Tire if you want to rev up your sales with user guides.

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