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Google – the New Mobile Website

Over the past several months, maybe more so within the last year, we’ve seen Google My Business (GMB) add a lot of new features to their Google My Business dashboard. And as they’re doing that & time progresses, we’re seeing big increases in the amount of people who see your business and who interact with your GMB listing in some fashion.

Based on those observations, I think it’s safe to say that Google is being seen as the new ‘website’. But don’t panic, your ‘real’ website is still playing a vital role.

Google My Business has added the following ‘features’ to the Dashboard within a short time period –

  • Google Posts
  • Descriptions
  • Videos
  • Google Q&A
  • Service Menu
  • Attributes – i.e. female-owned, handicap accessible, etc.
  • Online Scheduler
  • Texting Feature

The list could probably include even a couple more! But as you can see, there has been a TON added to GMB and it seems as if they’re just getting started. In fact, just the other day, they rolled out a new About tab to mobile for certain industries – i .e. Restaurants. As you can see below, the visitor can gain SO MUCH insight about a place just by clicking on the About tab. No longer are folks having to visit a website to see ‘quick’ details about a place.

So where is Google getting this data? Google has been collected the data over the past 18 months from Local Guides! Those are people like us at Upright, who provide information about a business when we can, thus helping Google improve its information. You too can become a Local Guide if you wanted.

So in summary, while your website is still a mainstay and will always remain important, Google My Business is really trying to step up their game to help your business do even better. Should a new feature roll out, we’ll alert our customers of course. Until then, let us know if you have any questions!

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