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Google Testing ‘Call History’ Feature

Google My Business is testing a new feature called ‘Call History’. This new service is designed to help businesses see and respond to missed calls coming from Google Search & Maps. It’s available to a select group of folks and looks like you have to opt-in if it’s something that interests you.

When a profile owner opens the GMB app, there will be a calls tab. Within that section, you will see “a comprehensive list of the time, date, and phone numbers that called them.” Missed calls will remain on the GMB app for 45 days. Basically, it’s a missed call log like you’ve got on your smartphone.

Okay, so you may be thinking, why do we need a missed call log like this? Well, during COVID-19 (which is still happening, ugh, but you get it) the phone has become WAY more popular than before. Call volumes are up, up, up according to call analytics vendors, as folks seek to confirm product inventory, opening hours & anything else that may have changed. It says that small businesses have done a poor job in answering the phone and responding to missed calls. So now with COVID-19 in our lives, chances are call volumes are still tough (if not tougher) for small businesses to keep up with! 

While this is a pretty modest feature, call history could help improve small business customer service and secure sales!

Should this feature roll out to your account, we will alert you and inquire. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! 

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