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How Google Posts Impact Your SEO

As ya’ll know, Google has rolled out a new feature that we’re utilizing for your business! The point of Google Posts is to highlight either a rebate you’re running, a service you’d like to better promote or an event ya’ll are hosting. It’s the perfect way to give a shout out to something important about your business.

So yes, we’re using this new feature to help better promote your business, but how is it actually impacting SEO? We’ve got a few ideas!

Click-Through Rate

When it comes to great SEO, it’s not all about just on-site optimization, content and links. It’s also very important to take into account actual user flow which includes click-through rates (CTR) from results pages – i.e. Google Posts. It is still too soon to see how it is affecting your business’ click through rate, but if used properly Posts will draw the user in & add credibility to your business. Thus resulting in an improved CTR!


You’ve probably seen a verified profile (blue tick mark) of either a sports team that you follow on social media or maybe even a celebrity. On Google Posts, you’ve got the same blue tick mark next to your name now. And that my friends is Google endorsing you. And from what we know, Google wants all their top ranking businesses and organizations to have some level of authority – so it can’t hurt!

How Google Posts Impact Your SEO

Desktop Vs. Mobile

Google Posts are almost immediately view-able when scrolling on mobile (right under the maps result) whereas on desktop, they are on the right hand side Knowledge Graph, below all of your Google Business information. With Google’s push towards mobile-first indexing Google Posts take an obviously prominent position in search results on mobile. Does this say to us that they will be considering Google Posts as a ranking factor? We’re not quite sure! However, we can expect businesses to receive higher levels of engagement and CTR from mobile when compared with desktop!


We have not been made privy to whether Google Posts have influenced rankings, but we imagine they will be taken into account as a ranking factor for search. We always say that if Google offers you a new feature, you use it! They want to promote a business or organization who utilizes their products and offerings into their business model. We’ll keep an eye on the rankings and see how they fluctuate based on your Google Post successes.

All in all, we’re really excited about the potential of Google Posts! It adds yet another dimension to your online presence & we haven’t seen your big box competitors doing it ….. Nor are ours for the tire network! Winning!

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