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How to Make Your Google My Business Review Relevant

If you haven’t noticed already, reviews on Google My Business (or GMB) are sorted, by default, by most relevant reviews. The term “most relevant” is ambiguous if taken at face value. That being said, what even makes one review more relevant than another? There are quite a few factors that attribute to one review being more relevant than another. Read on to learn our tips on how to use these factors for your advantage!

Write Longer Reviews

A good bet to rank your review higher is to write a lengthy review. For the most part, anything written with more characters/words provides more information. The same can be said about reviews! Longer reviews typically allow the writer of the review to give more thorough information on a business’ GMB. The more information provided, the higher the chance that the review has relevant information.

Provide Detailed Information

When a prospective buyer is looking at reviews, the last thing they want is vague information about a product or service. They are looking for enough information to sway them to purchase one service/product over another. Be as detailed and honest in your description as you can. Google acknowledges and shows preference to reviews that provide specific information. Feel free to include pictures to aid in your review’s credibility.

Participate In More Local Reviews

For those of you who write reviews for every business you go to, you may find that Google will take favor on your reviews. Think about it. Would you be more likely to take the recommendation of a local who frequents many establishments around town or a tourist who has only been to a few places? Locals, for the most part, know what they’re talking about. Take some time to write more reviews in your local area. You may see your reviews become more relevant because Google finds them more credible.

Keep In Mind When You Post A Review

Time is another factor that affects the relevance of a review. The more time that passses, the more likely a business will change the way its run, its management, its quality, its inventory etc. That being said, time will decrease the relevance of a review. A lot can change in five years, two years, or even six months. Google wants the review to be as useful as possible and will factor in how much time has passed accordingly. 

Consider Using Keywords

By simply including the name of the business in your review, you can increase the relevance of your review. People will typically type the name of the business in the search bar when searching for information. Google picks up on the name of the business and will push for the reviews that include the name or keywords from the search. 

None of these factors, by itself, is the definite answer to how to increase your review’s relevance. However, if you integrate some or all of these, there is a higher chance that your review will be ranked higher in relevance. Please contact Upright Tires with any of your Google My Business questions. We are more than happy to help!



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