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Google Local Ads – What It Means for You!

Last week, we learned that Google Local will now include ads in their pack results! As you know, when you perform a local search on Google, like ‘Tires City, State’ it populates a ‘Snack Pack’ with relative businesses near you, such as the search result shown below.


In the near future, Google is going to start including businesses that PAY to be on the top! Any business, regardless of reviews & the 300 some odd indicators that makes a business a quality business in search, can place higher in Google Local.  Below is a mock-up that a vendor of ours designed to show what it might look like: (small green Ad sticker next to the paying business)

Google local ads

None of us are sure what all of this means, what it will look like and when it will roll out, but you can trust that we will keep you in the loop.

Tell us what you think! We see this as a challenge, but here at Upright Tire, challenges are what sets us apart.  We are up for anything and excited for what this brings.


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