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Google Is Not Calling

“Hello, (enter your name mispronounced here.) Did you know that your Google Listing is not claimed or shows errors? We’d like to help….”

Just recently we read a perfect article by Tire Review, explaining that Google really isn’t the one calling you when the person on the other line says ‘your business listing is not claimed on Google’.  We have received several calls throughout the duration of Upright Tire’s existence from clients asking us why their Google listing isn’t claimed. Since Google is a primary focus for providing metrics, tracking visits for your site and visibility on the web, we ensure that claiming and optimizing your Google Listing is one of our very first steps.

In fact, Google does not have actual telemarketers calling you to claim your listings or even to boost your rankings.  Beware! No one can actually promise you page one or position one rankings on any search engines, unless you’re doing paid ads.

If anyone does call you again in the future, we suggest to kindly ask them to take you off their call list and to please not solicit their services again.  However, if you are weary, feel free to have those telemarketers call us – your account managers!  We would be happy to get a better handle on the situation and relay any information that you need to know.

For questions regarding these calls, at any time, contact your account manager… we’re here to assist!

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