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Google Increases Length of Snippets

Google has recently confirmed that it has made a big change! They told Search Engine Land, an SEO online digital publication, that they are changing the way it displays snippets in search results. So, basically a snippet is a description of a page shown below the URL in the organic search results that explains what the page is about.

The goal of increasing the character count for search engine snippets is to provide a more descriptive and useful snippet to help people decide on whether or not they should click on a search result to visit a website. According to RankRanger, the snippet length has grown from 160 characters to almost 230 characters – which is a big jump!

What does this mean for you? Surprisingly Search Engine Land and others don’t suggest hopping on board just yet. They also don’t believe Google would recommend doing so either. Most snippets are dynamically generated based on the user’s search query and content found in both the meta description and content body of the page. Moving forward, we will most likely see longer snippets automatically generated by Google.

So for now, Upright-Tire will just keep an eye on it! If you have any questions regarding how your website is showing up in search results, don’t forget to contact us or give your account manager a call! We’re happy to discuss this new update in further detail.

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