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Google My Business Insights Got A Facelift

Google has announced they have updated their Google My Business Insights feature, where business owners (& Upright Tire on yall’s behalf) can view analytics around how people find and interact with their Google local listings.

Let’s break it down!

How are people finding you?

In the screen shot below, you can see that Google is now separating out how individuals find you online.  They are showing direct views which are those customers who knew about your business already or discovery views which are customers who find your listing by searching for a service or product that you offer.


Where customers view your business on Google

In the screen shot below, Google separates out where customers are finding you on Google itself – either by way of a local listing in a normal search, or by viewing it on the ‘Maps’ tab in your browser or phone.

Google My Business Insights

What actions are customers taking?

In the screen shot below, you can see how your customers are contacting you by way of your business listing.  That includes:

  • Direct visit to your website
  • Directions
  • Phone call
  • Photo views

Google My Business Insights

We’re hoping that these new insights can give us and our favorite customers a better glimpse into how you are performing online. What do you think?

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