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Google My Business Dashboard Update

It is an exciting day in the world of SEO when Google gives My Business listing owners new dashboard data. We all know Google is the most powerful search engine in all of the land so if Google is offering something then we suggest you sign up! Of course, this includes a listing for businesses.

In the last five years, we’ve seen the dashboard progress from basic listing details to postings like a social media platform. It seems as though every 6 months or so Google gives us a little present with insights. The present Google is handing out for listing owners are keyword searches that lead to listing views.

This. Is. Big.

SEO managers now have a better understanding about which keywords are generating a business listing view. With data like this, we can craft a strategy that includes popular keyword terms for Google My Business search postings, listing descriptions, and more.

One element we must clarify, the keywords listed in the data not correlate with page rankings. What we mean is, just because there are 45 search terms for the phrase ‘best one’ doesn’t mean the listing ranks #1 for that term. Although we sure hope it does, we can’t make that conclusion based off of this data. We suggest using another system to check page ranking positions.

If you want to learn how your tire shop can rank better on Google, reach out to Upright Communications. We’re always learning more ways to make sure your auto shop dominates the internet field!

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