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Google + Benefits

I have one question for you; Are you using Google + for your business?

I hope the answer is yes. Google + (also known as Google Plus) is the second largest social media platform in the world, taking place after Facebook. There are currently over 350 million daily active users and about 625,000 new Google+ users daily. Google + is an extension of Google products, so if you don’t like typical social networking this may be the platform for you. Google + actually doesn’t want to be compared to a social media platform. You can check out our Google + profile by clicking here.

The opportunities Google + can do for your business are incredible. Let’s just say, Google + has search engine optimization leverage. My qualitative research has shown that posts can actually be crawled and indexed in search results. In one instance, I took a struggling keyword and posted to the plus account using that word in terms of educating the user over a course of 30 days and a handful of postings. As predicated, the ranking improved. Countless of articles suggest this method to be helpful for struggling keywords too.

Besides, as far as online marketing goes, you should want to be using whatever tool Google has in terms of making a profile for your business. The generation on brand engagement is comparable and better than other social platforms. Forester Research did a study which discovered Google + posts generated nearly as much engagement per follower as Facebook posts, and close to twice as much than Twitter.

If you are a client of Upright Tire, then rest assured, we have your Google + plan of attack already taken care of. Not need to worry! If you are not a client of Upright Tire and would like to learn more about how we can increase your business, contact us today!

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