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Google Attributes

Google Attributes

If you’ve been following our blog or you’re a loyal customer of ours, you know by now that Google My Business (GMB) is personally my favorite local platform to be a part of! Whether it’s reviews, understanding analytics, Google Posts, finding new tips and tricks – it’s all just so exciting. So whenever Google mentions a new service they’re offering through the Google My Business dashboard, I’m all ears!

Google My Business is now providing insights to business owners about what their business is known for, according to customers. When folks submit a Google review, they can add a variety of subjective attributes according to their visit. If a particular attribute is mentioned frequently enough, it will appear on the listing for others to see.

This can be a really big positive for your business. However, it can be detrimental in some capacities because we all know how finicky customers can get. Google says subjective attributes will remain on a business listing unless proven false:“Since customers’ opinions are based on their experience, the information is subjective. It is considered to be valuable to other customers, as it describes the feel & ambiance for a place. Unless proven false, we won’t remove this information.”

So while the attributes are at the fingertips of your customers – both happy and less than happy customers, Google is still finding it in the best interest of the business to support accurate and helpful attributes. That’s a win!

Subjective attributes are largely popular on restaurants and bars, but we’re seeing them populate on all sorts of vertical markets as of late. We look forward to seeing how Google will utilize them on tire dealer GMB listings.

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