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Good, Fast, Cheap – Pick 2!

I was having a conversation last night about how hard it is to find quality craftsmen for jobs like interior painting for your home and how you really shouldn’t hire those that are inexpensive in price because they aren’t always the most thorough.  That’s when a phrase was brought to my attention by a very detail oriented person… Good, Fast, Cheap – Pick 2!  Had you heard of that phrase? It makes perfect sense… You can have fast and good, but it won’t be cheap… or you can have cheap and fast, but it won’t be good.

I often get frustrated with our competitors because yes, they may be cheaper in price but they aren’t good in terms of a full-service SEO company.  We notice glaring errors all the time on sites that our competitors develop and I get discouraged because people like you, small business owners often don’t know any better and are surely not benefiting from their lack of knowledge.

The group of people that work at Upright Tire and Upright Communications only want the best for our customers and know what it takes to grow your business. We’ve been doing Online Marketing for 20 years – that’s almost older than the internet (the internet is 25 years old by the way!). In similar speak, you’ve heard the phrase, ‘jack of all trades, master of none’.  That applies here too. It’s important for us to be fully versed in all things Online Marketing and not try on more hats than we can handle.

I hope this validated the reason why you chose Upright Tire for all your online marketing needs and congratulate you on making that choice.  We greatly appreciate your business!  I mean you get it, you get frustrated when a tire dealer down the street does something bad on the cheap or provides total shoddy work and you pity the customer knowing they were duped.  Think of this phrase when talking to your customers…Or even say it out loud! I think they can relate!

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