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Get Back to Basics to Keep Customers Coming Back for More

Inspired by Tire Business’s blog, ‘Stores should focus on basics to keep customers returning’ 

A recent report by ServiceChannel.com Inc., a business software company, analyzes what causes customers to not return to a retail location. The online survey involved 1,521 respondents in the United States who made an in-store purchase in the six months prior to the survey. 

The Problem

“The real problem is that too many retailers have abandoned the basics that matter most to consumers, subjecting shoppers to terrible in-store experiences, like disorganized shelves, dirty bathrooms and burned-out light bulbs. When retailers offer great in-store experiences, shoppers spend more time in stores, make more impulse purchases, come back more often and think more favorably about the brand. Smart retailers view their physical locations as a strength and invest accordingly.” – According to ServiceChannel.com

The Data

  • 40% of respondents said they will spend less money and time in a store if they’ve had a negative experience 
  • 43% said they are more likely to shop at a competitor after a similar negative in-store experience
  • Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases in the U.S., and they are much less tolerant of messes
  • One bad in-store experience is all it takes for 69% of shoppers to decide not to return
  • 40% of shoppers would spend less money in a store if they had a bad experience
  • 52% of shoppers will leave without making a purchase if the store doesn’t live up to their standards
  • 69% of shoppers are less likely to return if their experience was less than stellar
  • 41% of consumers are less likely to return to any store under that brand name again if their visit had some hiccups
  • 49% said they would tell a friend if they had a negative experience at a store
  • 56% of respondents said they wanted their products now and don’t want to wait for a delivery
  • Four out of five shoppers would rather have a clean store than one that prioritizes tech

What to Consider

  • Messy stores play a major role in negative in-store experiences. Issues such as dirty bathrooms, messy floors, cluttered shelves or even shoddy parking lots can hurt your bottom line. Female shoppers are especially conscience of this, according to the survey.
  • Small, visible problems create a negative environment which in turn can cascade into much more serious issues, ServiceChannel said.
  • Consumers care greatly about consistency. Get it wrong and it will affect your brand. One bad experience may cause that customer never to return again.
  • Consistency also impacts customer loyalty, with 82% of consumers believing a brand should be consistent across all locations. We’d have to agree!
  • Stores should be ‘shoppable’. Stores should provide basic amenities and the ability to touch and take home purchases immediately. 
  • Retailers need to handle the basics before boosting the technological experience. 4/5 would rather have a clean store than high tech offerings.
  • The most important tech for shoppers today are wifi and mobile app integration, according to ServiceChannel.

When it comes to in-store experiences, how do you make your store stand out from the other retailers in your area?

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