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Florida 2 – The Biggest Update in Years

On a very regular basis, the search engine Google performs updates to its search algorithm, which affects how websites are ranked and displayed in search. Recently, Danny Sullivan of Google confirmed a new broad core update, which has been nicknamed Florida 2 (not related to the original Florida update). Here’s what the new update means for your website.

What is Google’s Florida Update?

Broad core updates are considered major updates to Google’s search engine, rather than little tweaks. Despite what many tech enthusiasts may feel & say, broad core updates are not correcting anything, nor specifically targeting anything or anyone. Misconceptions in search suggest that these updates target low quality content, but that’s just not always the case.

What Florida 2 Means for Your Website

The Florida 2 update is so new that its real impact has yet to be seen. However, Mr. Sullivan did confirm the update was large and important — which means you should take note of how your web traffic (and your conversions) may change after Florida 2. Typically, what happens with updates like these is Google interprets search queries differently. Thus, if you ranked highly for a search term, you may rise or fall in rankings as a result of the Florida 2 update.

Any time Google updates its algorithm, it’s a good practice to take a peek at your website and make sure your content is relevant and complies with SEO best practices (or if you’re our customer, we do it for you).

To learn how we can grow your business with digital marketing best practices, schedule call with us today. For further questions on Florida 2, contact your account manager! 

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