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Flat Tire Décor- Fun and Savvy!

The account managers at Upright Tire spend a lot of time conducting research on all things tire and auto service related. This helps us stay ahead of the curve and be the best for our accounts. Recently, Jenn stumbled upon a company that up-cycles tires, provides jobs to those with disabilities and creates a unique product right here in the U.S. of A.

Allow us to introduce you to… Flat Tire Décor.

On Tuesday, the Upright Team spoke to the President of Flat Tire Décor, Mike Hottinger. The result of the chat was very informative and inspiring. Mike shared with us that Flat Tire Décor, located in Milwaukee, Wis., up-cycles truck tires from a company in Chicago. By molding the truck tire, specifically the side wall of the truck tire, the unique product is formed. Flat Tire Décor partners with Easter Seals to help assemble the products. By teaming up with Easter Seals, Flat Tire Décor provides jobs to those with disabilities.

Flat Tire Décor specializes in unique garden and home goods such as flower pots, buckets and doormats. The price point is very reasonable and ranges anywhere from $12 to $30, depending on the product. If you are green conscience or looking for a unique gift, Flat Tire Décor has the products you’ve been searching for.


If you are considering ways to educate our youth on up-cycling and the environment, we encourage you to visit Flat Tire Décor sister company, Flat Tire Flowerpots. Flat Tire Flowerpots mission is to introduce children to the basics or recycling and plant life. Youngsters can make their very own flowerpot with the Flat Tire Flowerpot making kit.

What is up-cycling? According to Naturally Savvy, up-cycling is taking something that you would otherwise throw out and find a way to make it into something else. It is not the same as recycling because up-cycling either maintains or improves the quality of the material.

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