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Facts About Young Customers & Reviews

More & more consumers are now reading reviews as part of the purchase cycle. They are also reading reviews more frequently than in previous years, and they are forming opinions even faster. And as you already know, reviews and reputation are a key part of successfully converting potential customers into loyal ones!

However did you know that ‘millennials’ are the ones that are writing AND reading the most reviews? Was that surprising to you?

Let’s learn the facts:

  • 58% of consumers aged 18-34 search online for a local business at least once per month
  • 97% of consumers aged 18-34 have read reviews about local businesses online
  • 89% of customers aged 18-34 trusted reviews (55+ was only 69%)

So, what action can you take?  If you have a customer that looks between 18 and 34 (do some profiling) and they’re satisfied with their experience at your shop, be sure to ask them for a Google+ review.  You may be thinking, ‘Well this was their first visit, they won’t write a review’ or ‘They probably won’t have time to write a review’… turns out in fact, they’ll be the best reviewers you can get!

If you missed our email marketing campaign about the importance of online reviews, be sure to check it out!

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