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Facebook Pages Can Join Facebook Groups

Your business Facebook Page can now join members-only Facebook Groups.

In a new setting update, Facebook is now going to let Pages on the site interact with communities through Facebook Groups.

Within Facebook Group settings, a new option has appeared for Group owners that enables them to allow Pages to request to join as group members. Previously, only personal profiles could join Facebook Groups and interact.

While this may not scream ‘wow, great opportunity for tire dealers’, it can be beneficial. So stay with me. As Facebook pointed out the other day, there are a number of Facebook Page types that really stand to benefit from this update. For one, there are actors, politicians and all other sorts of ‘celebrities’ who use Facebook Pages as their main account. Some might not make their personal Facebook profiles public. Others might not even have a personal profile at all.

Before this change, various public figures and brands weren’t able to interact with their fans or supporters within Facebook Groups. Now that Pages can join Groups, Facebook might soon see verified Pages interact on a more personal level within Groups. That’s YOU!

How could this benefit you? If you and your business are involved in the community, various organizations or are personally involved in any Facebook Groups that could support your business, let us know. We’d be happy to attempt to ‘join’ these groups on your business’ behalf.

Real life example: We have a dental client who heard about a women’s group via Facebook Groups in an area of Tampa (Women of the Heights) that would often share and promote various businesses that these individuals liked. One woman shared Weninger Dentistry to the group & our client received several new customers just from that one referral. A while back, he had asked if his Business Page could go in and comment or ‘like’ anything to do with his business within this Group or essentially help promote it in anyway. At the time, we couldn’t. But now that we can, this could be a really great opportunity to comment & help gain even more customers by way of this platform. So if you hear of any Groups or you or your friends participate in any already, just let me know and I can see if it’s an option.  

All Facebook Group administrators will soon be informed of this new feature (so if you happen to see it, we’re on it!). Enabling Pages to join Groups will be the platform wide default. Group admins will also be told how to turn the setting off.

If you have any questions, just let us know. Excited to see how this will help your Pages.

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