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Facebook Algorithm Update

Facebook has once again updated its algorithm and it could be hurting business pages. Like true Facebook fashion, Facebook is all about giving the users what they want. Facebook has ‘warned’ us that the changes could result in a reduced distribution for business pages. This update is a bit different in the past because it doesn’t aim directly at those posting click bait or over promoting.

Users will see an increase in items that their friends ‘like’ or share. Keep in mind, Facebook wants to share what is already popular and trending. The more engagement a post receives, the more possibility it will pop up on newsfeeds. We don’t recommend combating this by over-posting but to have a well thought-out strategy.

Facebook conducted a poll and found that people ‘worry’ about missing updates from friends. With that being said, Facebook is making sure that posts posted directly by users such as status updates, photos, videos, etc. are shown more in the feed. The update is working on balancing content to the right person.

As always, Upright Tire is ahead of the ball game and will be keeping a close eye on the new update! If you have any questions or concerns, contact your account manager today!

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