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Email Marketing: Friend or Foe to Business?

I bought my mother a sweater this Christmas from a company which will remain nameless and I have thought of them every day since. Why, you may ask? I receive an email from this company once a day promoting their business and while I appreciate a good sale, if you multiply that by 20 you will have my daily list of emails from businesses vying for my attention.

This leads to my next question, why do people still sign up for these and how do they benefit the consumer and the business?

Email is King

If you are a social media member of society, you know that you can see thousands of posts a day! If you also use email, you may receive a total of 100 emails in a day. The proof is in the pudding by having your content be 1/100 will give you a much better chance of being read over 1/1000. The majorities of people own an email account and check it daily so it is an easy and FREE way to directly speak to your consumers and demographics. Did you know you do NOT own any of your social media accounts? When you build an email list, you own that content, message, and list of people who have signed up to find out more about your company and if Facebook closed down tomorrow, all of your content would be wiped out.

When should I start?

Now. Last week. A YEAR AGO! You should have started yesterday, but if you haven’t jumped on the email list train then start right now! Every interaction with a customer without politely asking for an email address is a wasted opportunity for follow-up marketing. Your customer will not be offended that you would like to share tips, coupons, and offers and can always decline your invitation to join the email list.

How do I make sure I live up to the expectations?

The age old saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do,” is the mindset when sending things to your consumers. If you received a monthly email, what would you like to see? What would pique your interest and draw you into reading the content and believing the business has your best interest in mind? A few ideas:

  • Exclusive coupons to save money on goods and services
  • Articles of interest
    • I am a firm believer that these can have NOTHING to do directly with your business, a laugh is a laugh and if it is something you think a consumer would enjoy and remember then add it! Maybe they will pass it on to a friend!
    • Updates about your community or business
      • Community events
      • New additions to goods, services, staff, community involvement, business achievements and if you would like to share, personal achievements!

How do I begin?

If you are lucky enough to have someone or a service that offers to maintain this list and the emails for you then you should utilize that and PROMOTE IT! While they can maintain, place a sign up in the right places to gain the most attention and help with ideas, only you can personally ask the consumer, suggest a funny article that made you smile, brag about the business achievements and hint that you will have a booth at the charity event. Make sure to work with your email manager and keep an open conversation about your topics! BE INVOLVED!

The best time to suggest an email is at your point of sale. For example:

“Thank you for your business, we appreciate it. Could we have your email for our monthly newsletter that has exclusive savings, tips and updates about our business and community?”

The benefits of an email list provides so many advantages and opportunities to increase your business on such a personalized  level so make sure you are starting this practice today!


If you have any questions, contact your account manager!

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