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Easy Ways to Promote Your Website and Sell More Service

Knowledge is power.  And for us, being that we’re a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) company and not a tire dealer, it’s important for us to read quality sources in your industry.  Tire Review is one we consider to be very helpful for us (in fact, we referenced the site last month in a blog post of ours) In addition, in casual conversation with many of you, we learned that you guys read that source as well.  If you aren’t reading it, we suggest that you should!  Just visit the website and where it says ‘Subscribe to the World Tire Report eNewsletter’ input your email address.

Just recently they had a blog post in their ‘InBusiness’ section, discussing ways to utilize your website to sell more services.  In case you missed it, we’re going to be summarizing it here.  Not only does it provide a helpful message with three specific ideas, but it also supports our practices.

Service-Specific Pages

We recently discussed with some of you, that you know your services inside and out, but not everyone who is visiting the site does.  For instance, they may not know you provide a shuttle service or that you rotate and balance tires for free with purchase.  Simply having a page or two on your website that only lists the services you offer, often times leads the customers AND search engines wanting for more.

On your websites, for each service (like oil changes), your site has its own designated page.  Should you offer more services than your website reflects, just let your account manager know and we will do our best to customize the desired pages.

Online Appointment Scheduling

If a customer is too busy to call your shop during normal business hours, having an online, easy-to-use appointment scheduler will help drive more customers to your shop and increase customer loyalty.

If you didn’t know that Upright Tire offers this service, just ask your account manager.  Or if you remember us introducing this at the time of your discovery call and are interested in it now, just let us know!  We’d be happy to get it set up.

Tire Review even suggested offering a special discount for users who utilized the online service scheduler.  Pretty interesting idea!

Service Packages and Promotions

Though your prices may be the lowest in town, users really seem to appreciate a Coupons & Rebates page.  Even if it just includes your custom offerings- like ‘Free Tire Rotation and Alignment with the Purchase of 4 Tires’, it makes a big impact.

You may also want to consider offering a VIP Customer Rewards card to save on repeat oil changes.  Typically customers need car services performed 1-3 times a year… why not help ensure they come back to YOUR SHOP!  Tire Review says, ‘The tire dealership that finds smart ways to package and sell services will do well.’

Be sure to ask your account manager for ideas on coupons and service packages.  We have plenty of concrete research to know what promotions work!

Search Engine Marketing Blogs!

Lastly, we thought it would be helpful to provide you with a couple sources that discuss what we do.  In-house, we often say that the best customer is an educated one.  Should you ever read an article and not understand what it’s about, just give us a ring and we will do our best to answer your questions!

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Search Engine Land

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