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Don’t be a Grinch!

As we approach the holiday season there is one thing we’ve got to keep in mind, our customer service. During the holiday season things tend to get chaotic. People are in a rush to check everyone off their giving list and there seems to not be enough time in the day. This type of hectic running around can cause us to be on edge, in other words, a little grumpy. We are here to help you to not fall in the Grinch slump and to put your best foot forward.

Here are three sure fire ways to turn your day, or someone else’s day, from bah humbug Scrooge unhappy to Buddy the elf ‘what’s your favorite color’ happy!

  1. Smile! It is as simple as smiling. It is so cliché but smiling is easier than frowning. Did you know it takes 62 muscles to frown and 26 to smile? Sure does. On top of that, smiling is a way to change your mood and create a happier situation. So, if you are in a bad mood, try to give a smile. If the customer is in a bad mood, smile. This even goes if you are on the phone, if you smile on the phone your voice sounds happier and more inviting. So, smile!
  2. Take 5! Why would you take five minutes to yourself when you are so busy? Well, to make your day go smoother. If you can’t do a full five minutes, take three. The point of this activity is to step away and breathe. Plug out of what is draining you of a positive mood and plug into something that makes you happy. I, personally, take a moment to YouTube funny dog videos. Don’t return until I’ve laughed a few times. Step away, breathe and have a laugh!
  3. Patience! You are probably thinking this is the worst advice if you are trying to get through a stressful situation.  In the middle of the craziness, remind yourself that whatever is happening will pass. Before long, the shop will slow down and the day will end. Know that the situation will end and you’ll look back and think, ‘that wasn’t SO bad.’

There we have it, three quick, easy to remember ways to turn a frown upside down. This holiday season don’t let your business get a reputation of bah humbug service that will last you all year but a reputation of happiness that will last all year. This may be your busiest season, best to leave a positive impression on customers!

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