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Customers Want Local Authenticity

Customers are more inclined to support local businesses now more than ever. Although, this is a good and welcoming trend, it hasn’t always been this way. Small businesses have had to fight for their customers and to prove to the community they are just as good, if not better, then big box corporations. This new trend may have something to do with the constant data breaches, overpromise and under deliver outcome from the competitors, and we’re not complaining.

Local businesses everywhere are taking this moment to totally shine on. Now, more than ever, local authenticity takes the cake. How does a local business shed light on authenticity? Here are a couple of pointers for you:

  • Positive reviews and social check-ins are always on top of the list and that’s because it’s about as true as true can get on the internet. Positive reviews weigh heavily and speak volumes of the establishment. A handful of local check-ins confirms that the hype is real and that the community supports the local business. Ask for reviews and encourage customers to check in!
  • Be a part of your local community by volunteering at a local clean-up, local church or support a little league team. Being out in the community is just as important as setting up shop in the community. Let people know that you’re there for the town and not there just to make money but make relationships.
  • Build relationships with your customers by simply having conversations with them. Ask how their day is going or what is new in their life. Creating a relationship with customers establishes loyalty and that is the bread and butter for local businesses.

Count on Upright-Tire to make your local shop shine with authenticity with our online marketing strategy and tactics!

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