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Content for Your Website

When you are in the process of getting a new website, content should be at the forefront of development. In the world of online marketing there is a little phrase, ‘content is king.’ Which is true, content on your website is king. Content will help your website perform but the nature of your content is what’s important.

Having content on your site that is written for first, the user and second, the search engine will help with search engine placement. Content that is stuffed with keywords and random sentences won’t help your ranking position.  Each page on your site should have enough words and keywords to give the user information and the search engine data. Pages with too much content on pages will cause your users to become disinterested.

At Upright Communications, we have the perfect recipe of the right amount of words per a page, the right type of verbiage for each page and strategically placed keywords. When choosing a new search engine optimization company, consider the level of content they will provide. A good SEO company will have unique content that they have written internally and will provide for you. A bad SEO company will copy and paste content that isn’t unique to them {which can cause you a whole mess of issues}.

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