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Chrome Turns Up the Heat for SSL Requirements

There is a good chance you’ve received emails from Google, GoDaddy or Yahoo about SSL certificates. Some of the emails and notices seem a little scary and almost so aggressive you question whether or not it’s even real. Truth is, SSL requirements are real and it’s for the safety of those browsing the web.

If you are a client of Upright Tire, you have nothing to worry about. We have taken care of all of our websites on behalf of our clients to make sure that their sites are secure. If you are not a client of Upright Tire and you’re not sure if your site is secure, we encourage you to reach out to us to help you.

Chrome will make it more and more clear that websites do not have an SSL certificate on their site by alerting users. A message will pop up warning users that proceeding to the website is a risk and not recommended. Furthermore, Chrome will suppress websites without an SSL certificate making it harder to rank and show up on Google search results.

We highly recommend that you consider adding an SSL certificate on your site for not only protecting you but also protecting those who visit the site. Easily hacked sites can cause misery for your business. Inconveniences such as data breaches, stealing other people’s email address, and credit card information are just a few of the nightmares you could experience if you do not protect your site with an SSL.

Reach out to anyone at Upright Tire or Upright Communications if you have any questions!

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