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Google – the New Mobile Website

Written by: Colleen Frye Over the past several months, maybe more so within the last year, we’ve seen Google My Business (GMB) add a lot of new features to their Google My Business dashboard. And as they’re doing that & time progresses, we’re seeing big increases in the amount of  Read more »

Google My Business Video Uploads Now Available

Written by: Colleen Frye Highlights: Business owners can upload 30 second videos to Google My Business listings Customers can upload their own videos to the business’ Google My Business listing After upload, it could take up to 24 hours for the videos to appear. Once live, they will display where  Read more »

Important SEO Changes in 2018

Written by: Colleen Frye Now that we’re a couple months into the 2018 year, we thought it would be a great idea to share with you some digital strategies & goals that folks in the SEO industry are preparing for. Each year, Google is improving its algorithm in some fashion  Read more »

Importance of Page Speed for 2018

Written by Jenn Johnson Like clockwork each new calendar year we see a ton of articles with titles such as ‘Important SEO Elements for 2018’ or ‘SEO Trends for 2018.’ While each and every article does offer insight of developments for the year to come we typically see the same  Read more »

Google Increases Length of Snippets

Written by: Colleen Frye Google has recently confirmed that it has made a big change! They told Search Engine Land, an SEO online digital publication, that they are changing the way it displays snippets in search results. So, basically a snippet is a description of a page shown below the  Read more »

New Study: Drop in Consumers Visiting Websites after Reading Reviews

Written by: Colleen Frye Original article supplied by BrightLocal BrightLocal is a service we use that specializes in local search tools & they perform a variety of surveys to allow SEO’s like us to get a better understanding of why consumers do what they do. They recently did a survey  Read more »

New Google Chat Feature

Written by: Colleen Frye Being able to chat with your customers is a new feature on Google My Business & it’s currently available to a select group of businesses. It is considered a pilot feature which means it’s being tested & not all businesses have been invited to set this  Read more »

The Importance of Voice Search in SEO

Written by: Colleen Frye Voice search has continued to evolve through the years. In fact, it was often referred to as a ‘farfetched science fiction’ idea but as of now, voice search is commonplace and the user base is growing fast. Google has indicated that voice search is the fastest  Read more »

Common Mistakes Small Businesses Can Make Online

Written by: Colleen Frye Each and everyone of our clients knows the importance of getting found online. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be our clients would they?! But is getting found online all that it takes!? As an SEO company, we know that it takes a lot more than just  Read more »

Google’s Fred Update

Written by: Colleen Frye Just another reason why you can’t just have a website & leave it alone! Google is constantly updating its algorithms to keep SEO’s like us guessing! We said once upon a time that it’s crucial for your website to keep up with any and all online  Read more »