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Sales Tips

Don’t Let Your Customer Service Slip

Customer service is defined as the following: the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services. But it’s so much more than that. Customer service is making sure that each customer doing business with you leaves with a smile on  Read more »

Building Trust

In a 2014 study, AutoMD found that 83% of consumers felt overcharged in the auto repair process. It was also said most people preferred to visit the dentist than get auto repairs completed – with more women preferring the dentist. But why do consumers feel this way? It’s because they  Read more »

We All Want to Save Money, Right?

We all want to save a dime here and there because as we all know; each penny adds up! There are a handful of ways people try to save money such as downloading coupon apps, calling around for the best quote or searching for the best point system. What does  Read more »

Customers Want Local Authenticity

Customers are more inclined to support local businesses now more than ever. Although, this is a good and welcoming trend, it hasn’t always been this way. Small businesses have had to fight for their customers and to prove to the community they are just as good, if not better, then  Read more »

Top 4 Ways to Set Expectations

“Cheapest tires in town”  “Rated best repair shop for the past 5 years”  “#1 tire shop in the state”…… Everyone on this beautiful green earth has read statements like these. Whether it was on a billboard, poster or roadside sign, we’ve seen it! But the real question is, did you buy  Read more »

Ethics and Your Reputation

Ethics and Your Reputation You’ve all had this type of customer before…. They’ll tell you they are unable to afford the recommended services, they’ll tell you that they can get the same service done down the street for less, or they’ll flat out ask you to knock down the price  Read more »

October is Fall Car Care Month!

October is Fall Car Care Month!

Each year, we’ve celebrated Fall Car Care Month with you – it’s been fun! While we’ve ensured that your customers via social media are aware of all safety recommendations to follow, it’s important that your customers who visit the shop know as well. Let’s take a look at what the  Read more »

6 Quick Tips to Sell More Tires

Do you want to sell more tires? Then this blog post is for you! Upright Tire is always on a mission to think of new ways to help you sell more tires. These six tips should help your shop sell more tires and build loyal relationships with customers. At the  Read more »

The Importance of Tire Treadwear

When making a decision on the type of tire you need for your car, it typically comes down to price, availability and treadwear, according to Consumer Reports.  In fact, most people would prefer all the above.  Being able to find low priced tires is often easy, but gauging treadwear isn’t  Read more »

Tips for Selling More Tires

Your goal is to sell more tires, right? In order to sell more tires we need to learn more about our consumers. Asking questions about our consumers such as, do they have access to the internet, do they care about tire safety, do they check tread depth, etc. Understanding what  Read more »