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How to Optimize an Auto Shop on Google

Written by: Jenn Johnson We found a really interesting article the other day on one of our favorite SEO sites, Moz. The article talked about how to optimize a car dealership for the best chance of ranking locally. Now, we understand that you may not be selling cars BUT a  Read more »

News Piece: Sears to Offer Tire Installations to Customers Who Purchased Tires on Amazon

Written by: Colleen Frye Sears announced just the other day that  it would offer full-service installation for tires ordered on, including its own DieHard brand. Customers can order tires on Amazon and then have them shipped to a Sears Auto Center location where they can be installed when they  Read more »

Chrome Turns Up the Heat for SSL Requirements

There is a good chance you’ve received emails from Google, GoDaddy or Yahoo about SSL certificates. Some of the emails and notices seem a little scary and almost so aggressive you question whether or not it’s even real. Truth is, SSL requirements are real and it’s for the safety of  Read more »

Important SEO Changes in 2018

Written by: Colleen Frye Now that we’re a couple months into the 2018 year, we thought it would be a great idea to share with you some digital strategies & goals that folks in the SEO industry are preparing for. Each year, Google is improving its algorithm in some fashion  Read more »

Google Increases Length of Snippets

Written by: Colleen Frye Google has recently confirmed that it has made a big change! They told Search Engine Land, an SEO online digital publication, that they are changing the way it displays snippets in search results. So, basically a snippet is a description of a page shown below the  Read more »

4 Website Ranking Myths

Written by Jenn Johnson In the world of search engine optimization, there are a handful of myths that float around the industry. The reason why there are so many myths is largely that ranking factors are not published by search engines. If they were, it would be a playbook of  Read more »

7 Unannounced Google My Business Updates

Written by Jenn Johnson It’s a little-known secret in the online marketing industry that Google will make updates without announcements. It keeps our jobs very exciting… almost like a never-ending treasure hunt. Thanks to our fellow search engine optimization friends at Search Engine Land, we are aware of 7 unannounced  Read more »

Building Trust

Written by: Colleen Frye In a 2014 study, AutoMD found that 83% of consumers felt overcharged in the auto repair process. It was also said most people preferred to visit the dentist than get auto repairs completed – with more women preferring the dentist. But why do consumers feel this  Read more »

Cleanliness is Important

Written by: Jenn Johnson When it comes to your business, cleanliness is important. We’re not just talking about cleanliness in your shop or waiting room but online too. Cleanliness goes hand in hand with reputations. This is an all-hands-on-deck, divide and conquer situation with you and your online marketing time  Read more »

Why Are Tires Getting More Expensive?

Written by: Colleen Frye We’ve all gotten the updates! Large tire manufacturers across the globe have announced in 2017 that they will be increasing their tire prices over the next month or so. Goodyear Tires was the first major manufacturer to announce their price increases. They alerted the tire industry  Read more »