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Call Tracking vs. Google Dashboard

Call tracking is a great way to see how many people call your business based off of site visits. It’s a best practice to have the tracking number on the website, and only the website, with the ‘real’ number on the local listings. That way, the data for the tracking site is organic to who is calling based off of site visits alone.

However, the data for tracking numbers may be decreased due to Google’s newest local listings update. With the local listing update, all the information pops up for the user and it gives the user all the important information without needing to click on the site. The information includes the address at the top with the phone number below it, followed by photos and reviews.

We don’t recommend nixing the tracking number on the site; it will still serve its purpose. We are recommending to pay more attention to the Google listing (and all listings, really). The Google listing will give you data such as ‘click to call’ based off of the listing. Along with click to call data, you’ll also get data on the busiest times to call.

Below is an example:

11-12-2015 2-22-57 PM 11-12-2015 2-23-24 PMDon’t let the new Google updates takeaway from your potential business. Let Upright Tire help you sell more tires and we’ll take care of the rest!


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