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Is Your Business Using Facebook Messenger?

Is Your Business Using Facebook Messenger?

Facebook has 2 billion active users. Facebook Messenger is one of the biggest messaging services with more than 1.2 billion users. That’s billion… with a b! That is a lot of people, folks. Let us ask you again, is your business using Facebook messenger?

If not, we hope you’re ready to. With so many people using Facebook and the dynamics of social media usage, there’s a good chance someone will reach out to your business via Facebook messenger. They could ask a simple question such as, ‘Do you carry Bridgestone tires.’ It could be a difficult message such as, ‘I just had a terrible experience at your shop.’  Either way, the result is the same… conversation with a user.

You don’t have to monitor your social media space every second of the day. Upright-Tire helps their accounts manage their Facebook inbox by sending an automatic reply. This ensures that the sender receives some sort of acknowledgment that the message didn’t fall deep into cyberspace. We monitor the messages for you and help answer any questions we can without pestering our tire dealer. If the message is complex, then we will seek the help of the business owner.

If you are a tire dealer that is looking for help managing your online presence, then give us a call. Upright-Tire is dedicated to helping tire dealers across the country dominate their local online marketplace. We handle everything online and you handle the influx of customers walking through your doors. Social media is just one prime example of how we always have your backs!

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